By on 2017-04-07

We talk here regularly about keeping your eyes healthy but what if we do actually run into trouble with our eye health and sight.  People come in worried about all manner of things – some big concerns some not so big but equally as problematic.

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By on 2017-02-13

A dear friend of mine is to become a grandmother for the first time, wonderful news. So i have suddenly become very tuned in to anything to do with babies eyes...and knitting baby blankets. So i thought you would like to see this video i spotted showing how a baby's eye sight develops seen through the eyes of a baby. Very clevely done.


By on 2017-01-12

Most of us are aware of the detrimental impact alcohol can have on our bodies. There are the short lived effects such as blurred vision and loss of inhibitions to more long term life changing conditions. Alcohol is a neurotoxin.


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2016 Another Excellent Year at The Makerfield Eye Centre

By on 2016-12-23

Where do you start when you want to mention all the great things that have happened this year?

If i start with my personal highlight - my weeding in June when i had to start signing prescriptions Mrs Bucys not Threlfall

We've had a new member of staff join us - Michelle. She is already such an asset to the team. What did we do without her

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Unlocking Potential with Colorimetry

By on 2016-11-17

With Halloween over it is time yet again for a new look in the window, and as it defiantly isn’t time to be starting on Christmas displays (we are defiantly a 1st of December bunch) I have gone for a pop of colour to cheer us all up and give over our ...   Read More

Calling All Businesses

By on 2016-10-24

So it has been a pretty hectic couple of weeks following up with people from Wigan Business Expo, undertaking a massive stock take and planning for Christmas and starting to line some exciting new stuff up for 2017!

It was my first time visiting Wigan Business Expo and it was a really fun and informative day out. I got to meet people f...   Read More

Stoptober - Why Your Eyes Might Thank You

By on 2016-09-29

So it is that time of year again, the month where we encouraged all our smoking patients to give up for 28 days, long enough to break the habit and make you 5 times more likely to quit for good.

So why as an Opticians do we go on about giving up smoking? Everyone knows what damage smoking does to our lungs and the increased risk of cancer and heart disease smoking put...   Read More

6 Steps to Better Eye Health

By on 2016-09-23

Step 1: Eat Right for Your Sight

Nutrients found in fruit and vegetables (especially the green leafy kind) are e...   Read More

Eye Health = Eye Exam

By on 2016-09-19

Today sees the start of the 7th National Eye Health Week, a campaign to promote the fact that regular eye exams are important to maintaining eye health.

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Charity Raffle

By on 2016-09-17

I am very pleased to be able to announce the launch of our charity raffle in aid of Joseph’s Goal.

I have been hunting round for a way to mark the start of our first season as sponsors of Ashton Town AFC Ladies Team, who made their first appearance in the new kit last week.

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Contact lens care

By on 2016-08-25

So this week has seen us in another training session with the lovely Wendy from Bausch & Lomb contact lenses. This time the training concentrated on the application and removal of contact lenses and specifically how we teach this to our new contact lens patients. But what about people who have worn lenses for a long time, when did we last talk to them about application and removal? Hygiene? Lens care?

Statistically for long term contact lens wearers it has been about 7 years si...   Read More

Introducing ...

By on 2016-08-18

So today I got to do one of my favourite jobs...it’s a bit like a work version of Christmas...I got to unpack a new delivery and this time it is a totally new brand to us. We have taken on the Diane Von Furstenberg’s range of ladies glasses, commonly shortened to DVF and although I do vaguely recognise the logo I must admit to complete ignorance of Diane as a designer.

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New lens for a digital era

By on 2016-07-07

Nicole and I were lucky enough to be invited to the UK launch of Ultra a totally new contact lens, the first to be introduced to the optical market in a long time.

In the luxurious surroundings or Ardencoate Manor we had two days of education and training learning all about the new lens – how it is designed and manufactured and how it benefits eye health. W...   Read More

Festival Fever

By on 2016-06-18

So it has been a long time since I have been to a big festival myself but I know there are teams of people already setting up for the first festivals of the season, no matter what the weather!

With the rain, the mud and the lack of clean running water (I remember the toilets all too well) it is a time of year that fill optometrists everywhere with dread as our contact l...   Read More


By on 2016-05-23

It’s not long now until I marry my partner of many years, Roy.  We have opted for a small intimate gathering at our local church, followed by a meal at a local restaurant and then back home to continue the party. Not everybody’s choice but it’s what we chose for us. The fact is there are so many ways you could choose to celebrate your wedding and there is so much detail required around these choices that there is de...   Read More

Difficult conversations...

By on 2016-04-27

I thoroughly enjoy my work here at the Makerfield Eye Centre with the many challenges that it brings.  Discussing driving in the consulting room can sometimes be the most difficult of challenges.  How do you respectfully advise someone, who has possibly been driving for many a year, that their vision no longer meets the required standard.  I like to think that I am sensitive to and mindful of the impact that this statement ...   Read More

Taking Charge Together

By on 2016-03-24

Monday 15th February saw the launch of Greater Manchester’s Taking Charge Together initiative. A consultation process which runs until the end of March to build a collective understanding of what stops or helps people within Greater Manchester taking ...   Read More

Exciting Summer Promotion

By on 2016-03-09

Apparently Spring is just around the corner and Easter is approaching fast and we are all starting to turn our attention to our summer holidays. We want to help you be as prepared as possible and so for every pair of glasses you purchase with a Neva Max UV anti-reflective coating you can have a pair of transitions glasses or polarised sunglasses half price.    


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By on 2016-03-09

Glaucoma is a condition caused by a build up of pressure in the eye.  The eyeball contains a fluid called aqueous humour which is constantly produced by the eye, with any excess being drained away through tubes.

Glaucoma develops when the fluid cannot drain properly and pressure builds up in the eye.  This pressure is known as intra ocular pressure. This can damage the optic nerve and the retina.

Available treatments cannot reverse any damage done but it is effect...   Read More

Have You Kept Your New Year's Resolution?!

By on 2016-02-19

Over 63% of New Year’s resolutions have been abandoned already, with about half having gone out of the window before January has even finished.


I am not one for making resolutions myself (I know how rubbish I am at keeping them) but so many people make resolutions to get fit and healthy and look after themselves more but i doubt many people think of it in te...   Read More

Makeup and Your Eye Health

By on 2016-01-27

It is not something we ever really think about, how the makeup and cosmetics we use every day affect the health of our eyes. This week I came across a very interesting article that examined just that and found that eye cosmetics, although very near your eye rather than in it, still have implications for the health of your eyes.

For example eye liner that is applied to the edge of the eyelids can contaminate the tear film on the front of the eye and stay there for several hours. We ...   Read More

New Year, New Look

By on 2016-01-20

The winter weather may have well and truly caught up with us this week but that hasn’t stopped us getting all set for spring. We have gone for a very fruity look with a ted baker window.

To go along with this we have bought in the very exciting new 201...   Read More

Happy new year, and a BIG welcome welcome welcome to 2016!!

By on 2016-01-06

Welcome! New Year - New website. Looking good for the start of 2016

 My own 2016 started up in Cumbria staying with my daughter and son-in-law. The rain had finally stooped so we decided to take the dog for a walk on Allonby beach. Strolling along project planning for the year ahead I got to counting my blessings. Here we were fit and healthy, not flooded, enjoying the fresh air and all that nature had to offer. I was surrounded by my loved ones and the sun was shinning. Then ...   Read More

Stay safe in the snow

By on 2015-05-26

The ski season is finally here and no doubt some of you snow lovers are counting down the days until you can put on your skis or jump onto your board.  But before you slalom down the slopes, there’s a few precautions you need to take in order to protect yourself from a dangerous combination of sun and snow. 

Being out and about on the mountains, where the air is that much cooler, can lead to a false sense of security. This can leave you at risk of sunburn and ultima...   Read More