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Eye Examination

As an independent opticians here in Ashton-in-Makerfield, we are proud to offer comprehensive eye exams to our community.

Eye Examinations - Private & NHS

As an independent opticians here in Ashton-in-Makerfield, we are proud to offer comprehensive eye exams to our community. With private and NHS options we deliver quality testing and eye care to ensure that everyone gets to look after their eyes the right way. With the latest equipment and a team of qualified optometrists, we can give you full confidence in your test results and the certainty that we’ll help you find solutions to any eye problems or vision loss.

Eye Test

Your Eye Health

Looking after your health is the best way to prevent eye conditions and vision loss. Protecting your eyes with the proper eyewear, eating well and minimising eye strain can all make a big difference to our vision. For adults, eye examinations at least every two years help to catch any eye problems early on so they can be managed or treated effectively. For children, more regular examinations are important to protect their visual development. At our practice, we make sure that all of our patients stay informed with the latest information so they can keep their eyes healthy and their vision strong.

What to expect in your Eye Examination?

All examinations follow a general routine with fundamental tests and questions, but our service is personalised, meaning we treat every patient based on their individual requirements. With this in mind, we make sure our examination times are flexible, though most are around 45 minutes. During the exam, your optometrist will gather information about your eye health history to help them offer eye care that works for you. With details about your symptoms, family history of eye conditions, occupation and lifestyle they can determine whether you should take additional tests or have more regular examinations.


The eye examination itself is designed to test your vision and check up on your eye health. This includes a visual acuity test, screening for eye conditions and an eye health assessment. Overall, your eye examination will tell you everything you need to know from whether you need glasses to your risk profile for various eye conditions.

Enhanced Eye Examination with Optos Optomap

For the most precise eye health assessments, we offer an enhanced examination with Optos Optomap. This cutting-edge technology creates high-quality images of your eyes using a special kind of light to examine up to 80% of your retinas. Compared to traditional techniques this allows for a much larger area to be examined in more detail and helps optometrists to spot even the smallest abnormalities. With the enhanced eye examination, we can catch any changes in your retina quickly, making it easier to prevent and manage vision loss and eye conditions.

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